Overview Business Set Up in Dubai, UAE

The visionary rulers and strategy planner of the United Arab Emirates, welcomes foreign investors and entrepreneurs by laying down quick, easy and feasible business options. The geographical and warmer location, best interconnection, modern infrastructure, multinational and peace-loving residents, made it a favorable place for business and home. Lastly, with only 5% VAT for your presence in such a booming market!

Mainland: Department of Economic Development issue trade license for companies operating in mainland. The mainland companies can operate and trade within the local market as well as internationally. Very few documents required, hassle-free, and quick setup.

Benefits of the professional companies in the Dubai Mainland

  • Minimum capital is NOT required.
  • LLC Companies are allowed to conduct business within the emirates as well as export-import globally.
  • Any legal commercial activity can be formed an LLC company.
  • Branches can be formed within the same emirates or any other emirates and other jurisdictions.
  • LLC companies have the privilege to obtain the credit facility and finance from the bank and financial institution subject to approval.
  • DED offers instant license (same-day license subject to approval) for LLC companies without renting the office and by paying an additional 10,000 for the first year of incorporation.