Accounting & VAT Services

  • Identifying Financial Accounting Software and its Implementation as per the company requirements (e.g. Tally, QuickBooks, Sage, Peach tree etc.)
  • Setting up accounting procedures as per IFRS.
  • Supervising and reviewing of financial accounting records.
  • Financial reporting on a periodical basis i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.
  • Forecasts, budgets and projections.
  • Training and supervising accountants
  • Create comprehensive policies and procedures to streamline accounting operations.
  • Maintaining accounting books indicating the business, payments record, receipts, purchases, sales, revenues, and expenditures.
  • Reports include: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts, Records of Wages and Salaries, Records of Fixed Assets, Inventory Records.
  • Statements (including quantities and values) at the end of every relevant Tax Period
  • All records of stock-counts related to Inventory statements.
  • VAT Registration and Deregistration
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Taxation Procedures Follow up
  • Tax Reclaim Services
  • Arranging Internal / External Audit with Chartered Accountant attestation

We provides the bookkeeping service on basis of duration of storage and volume of documents.

Period of Record-Keeping (Bookkeeping).

To Ascertain a person’s or his entity tax obligations, one need to maintain records in a proper manner so to enables the Authority or authorized person of an Authority to access the records easily.

We prepare our clients, companies, and institutions to be up-to-date when its time to upload VAT (value-added tax). We at SF Services provide a range of smart, value-added solutions, which is the secret of our long-lasting and fruitful relationship with our clients.

Outsourcing VAT Services to us means a smooth, timely, and crystal clear transaction of VAT. This enables institutions and companies to concentrate on their business activities hassle-free!

Together with our competent team, professional approach and vast experience of the local market, can assist our client, with every spectrum of VAT related issues. We prepare our clients from first step to the last to meet the VAT compliance requirements. Also assist if any queries or issue arise from VAT authorities.

We at S F services can also represent our clients in FTA (Federal Tax Authority) for VAT registration and Filling, if clients are busy OR NOT available locally.

Registration of companies, institutions, and entities subject to value-added tax at the specialized authority to achieve the requirements of the registration process and its compliance with the regulations and rulings.

  • Filling/auditing VAT returns/ or Selective Tax prepared for this purpose, followed by referring it to the specialized department within the legal period.
  • Reviewing the company’s purchases of goods and services to verify the validity of VAT amounts on purchase invoices, date of purchase and whether they are deductible and refundable or not.
  • Calculating the tax on imported services and paying them to the specialized authority within the legal period and following up the claim within the VAT return for the period post payment.
  • Reviewing the company’s financial statements draft to verify that revenues match the issued returns and discuss any notices with the clients